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Concept: Maybe “neurotypicals” who consistently reblog post about autism and other mental disorders and illnesses because they relate to them actually aren’t neurotypical, and just don’t know it.

Even the ones who say, “But everyone does this!” might only be saying it because they do it, and therefore think everyone does, when that’s not the reality.

Like, I remember someone who very obviously had OCD saying, “Everyone gets constant, upsetting intrusive thoughts, and does things to make them go away! It’s normal!” and everyone who responded to them were like, “Uh… No, it’s really not. You have a mental illness.”

I hate how everyone is so quick to assume anyone who relates to their posts without having every aspect of their mental state listed on their blog is obviously an evil, appropriating neurotypical. Maybe they are technically neurotypical, but have one or two traits associated with whatever form of neurodivergence. Maybe they’re neurodivergent and just don’t feel like listing it. Maybe they think they’re neurotypical, and are in the process of realising that they actually aren’t.

Please don’t be so quick to judge. This gatekeeping helps no one.

This is an extremely important point.

I know at least one trans person who didn’t realize they were trans until they were talking about how much they relate to trans things. Only, it was in the context of being dismissive of trans people. “Oh, sure, of course you prefer those pronouns. Everyone does.” But that wasn’t a cis person being dismissive of trans experiences; it was a trans person not understanding that they were trans.

Same thing with a lot of mental illness stuff.

Honestly, if you relate to an experience, you have the experience. Doesn’t matter whether you have it for the same reason someone else does.

On a similar note that I was thinking about recently: perhaps some neurodivergent people who are dismissed by their parents have neurodivergent parents who don’t know it. Like, if your mom says “everyone has that” when you tell her about your depression, there’s a decent chance that she’s not minimizing you, she just has depression herself and doesn’t realize it. 

Bless you all

Also important to note that not everyone lists these things on their blog.

Ive had someone angrily come at me in messages because I was reblogging BPD posts when I “didn’t have BPD” but when I explained that I do, in fact, have Borderline Personality Disorder, they were apologetic but that doesn’t take back the distress their ask caused. Same thing with gender issues.

Please don’t assume that everyone on tumblr is willing to list their mental illnesses on their sidebar like a badge.

On the subject of dismissal by parents that is absolutely a true thing that I have experienced. My dad and I both have ADHD and we only both found out when I got diagnosed like a month ago. He’s always really supportive but I’ve had a lot of really painful conversations with him where he’d be telling me the whole “that’s normal everyone gets that” thing, and it was pretty much because he’d been living his whole life with ADHD and had no clue. People judge what’s normal based on their own experiences, and because everyone tries to manage and hide the things they’re struggling with, it’s easy to assume everyone is dealing with the same problems as you when they might not be.

I learnt autism is not diagnosed the same in amab and afab people because of a tumblr post

I didn’t know stimming and sensory overload had names

I didn’t know until THIS YEAR that getting blindly and wildly FURIOUS when being interrupted while concentrating isn’t a failure of me as a human being but a symptom of focus/concentration/sensory overload difficulties.

I thought everyone had to go through that and they were just coping better.


me: a relationship that is based on mutual love and trust and features both parties wanting to improve not just themselves but each other through their love, is good and interesting no matter if it’s a straight relationship or a relationship between two men or two women, and is infinitely more satisfying to watch develop in fiction compared to two characters who hate each other and continue to do so into their romantic relationship

The Straights™: not me 😄 I love relationships 👬👫 where both 2️⃣ parties ✌️ DESPISE 💔 EACH 👻 OTHER 😾 and cant STAND ⚡️ interacting 🙅 with one🌜another 🌛!!!! it’s even better 👌👌 when they are so toxic for each other 😷 that they hurt one another 💅


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