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Cat and Akua have this whole big hero/villain nemesis dichotomy going on, but the truth is, they’re both dumbasses and fuck it they’re in this together

I have never seen a better enemies to friends narrative arc ;u;

Akua: Catherine this is the third time I’m saving your life tonight and I know you made a point out of how it was not by making good decisions that I made it into a cloak accessory but right now I think in sheer stupidity your attempts at heroism-
Catherine: You’re not wrong. Consider, however: what if I did ANOTHER stupid heroic thing, most definitely dooming us both to die slowly and painfully, and you let me
Akua: …
Akua: Okay.

so, like, on reread it’s pretty explicit that yeah Amadeus lost his Name and was non-Named for that fight

I have two separate explanations for this which both fuck me up separately but also work together and explain each other

1) he said early on that what distinguishes individuals with Roles from those without (Named from non-Named) is their willingness to inflict their will on reality, to make Creation conform to what they want / think is right
2) Catherine told him to become someone worthy of living in the better world she’s building, and it had enough of an impact on him Wekesa commented he basically got a second youth out of it

conclusion from both of the above: Amadeus held on to his faith in his own ability to tell right from wrong and fix the world for as long as he could, as said in his conversation with Ranker, but it held on by a thread

a thread consisting of the remains of the Praesi mindset in him: if you want to prove me wrong, beat me

when he did indeed get beaten, and in a way he did not anticipate at all, the thread snapped

right now Amadeus is non-Named becuase he no longer thinks he’s actually qualified to make decisions for what’s better for Creation

like, he’s not lost his ability to determine what he wants, or his will to go through with decisions: he faced off against several heroes when unNamed just out of principle to go out with a bang

but his whole THING was about making a better world, he did not hang onto his Role by his desires and selfishness and pride, he hung onto it by his belief in what was right and his drive to affect change that he believed would be for the better

and now when Cat kicked his ass into character development gear, the first thing that happened was him giving up on this certainity

he doesn’t KNOW what’s better, and he’s willing to let others decide instead

and that, I think, is the mindset Amadeus of the Green Stretch is currently in, captured or whatever

1) it’s not going to hold. Amadeus is not the kind of person who just gives up on doing what’s right, he’s just going through a temporary crisis of confidence
2) no he’s not going to die or be irrelevant, jeez. too much build up, and Cat broke the story where he dies already. also dying would prove right his opinions from earlier and this is not a story about how he was right about those
3) his second attempt at doing what’s right is going to be As An Actual Hero and I would pay real life money to see that if I had any to give erratic