Мельница – Невеста Полоза (The Serpent’s Bride)

translating again because needed to share because of all the fairy tale feels, and just listen to it because it’s lovely.

Oh, that’s not dust on forest roads.
Oh, don’t go to the sorrow, girl, don’t touch
Don’t wake the magic, look away.
It’s the serpents’ wedding.

Didn’t know the evil,
Didn’t look away.
So now you belong to us and it’s all your own fault.
There’s mist over the clearing
The serpent king is waiting
And you’re to be his wife.

Hold me close,
Lay me down on a silken bed
And caress me
And don’t let me go out alone.

I can’t find the serpent’s potion.
I don’t dare to look up at you.
Tanned with scales
I’m to go with the snakes into the autumn’s ash.

I can hear the serpent’s voice like dust,
His golden eyes huge and filled with hunger
He calls me do descend,
“Oh, my dear, come down,
I’ll embrace you in 33 coils”.



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