In honor of the recent homestuck upd8s, I present to you a Jade Harley song! It was a lot of fun to write and record. Hope y’all like it!



I had a dream and in this dream I could fly
I fell asleep and woke up where auguries paint the sky
and I saw dust up in the clouds and I got futures in my eye
or maybe it’s the other way ‘round?
I’ll never know until I come back down.

I had an island and this island was home
a crescent moon of rock and magma, many depths unknown
who knows where it is now, I’ve gone, I’ve wandered and I’ve roamed
or maybe it’s the other way ‘round?
well, I’ll never know until my island’s found.

We’re now well past “game over,” but this ship is sailing on
New planets and new players, new dusks and days and dawns
I’ve powered up, I’ve buckled down, I’ve got a brand new face
and I’ll never be a waste of Space.

I had a future and this future was vast
the light at the tunnel’s end was so much brighter than the past
but darkness fell and things were grim, I should have known it couldn’t last
I’ll sit here in this corner and weep.
I’ll try my hardest not to fall a–

I had a life, and this life, it was mine
it flew by like a breath, like flashing lights, like passing time
but I went bad and barking mad – I found my way and lost my mind
or maybe it’s the other way ‘round?
Well, now I’m too familiar with the ground.
Crushed, deceased, defeated and house-bound
I guess I’m lost until my body’s found.

Adventure time is over, friends, or at least we’re getting there
I hope our story never ends, but life is never fair.
Learn but don’t look back too much, reset but don’t erase;
now my body is a waste of Space.



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