In this episode, I date the skeleton.

i was feeling really shitty earlier but seeing you do the dating sim parody has saved my day

you did not fail or lose!!! there is no way to lose……. at LOVE. you simply were not meant to be…… anything other than THE GREATEST AND COOLEST FRIENDS, that is. bug him on the phone as much as you like.

also: one of papyrus’ biggest dreams is to drive a real car someday, if they ever get to the surface, and what do people say about sans…

#also nobody has any canon ages but i always assumed pap is the skellie equivalent of a child and sans is a teenager#like 13 and 18#or maybe like…. 14 and 17?#sans is older is what i’m sayin#ofc the way monsters age is generally often pretty weird#undertale#god i can’t wait for your no mercy run………….#AND FOR YOU TO MEET ALL MY FAVES FINALLY………………

ahhh I actually read Sans as the younger sibling from the start! Not (just) because of his height, altho that probably contributed…. but also his confidence that his brother is cool seems so sincere, and he argues with Papyrus about the crosswords/jumble – like he’s aware on some level that he has to take care of his bro, but he also sees him as the older one so an authority to challenge at the same time. IDK I don’t think some of Sans’ behavior makes sense with him being the older one chronologically.

aaahaha i read it the exact opposite way, namely sans bein Proud of his baby bones brother – he’s being trained by the head of the royal guard, he’s taking cooking classes, he’s getting better slowly but surely, it’s so cool, he’s A REAL STAR

sans generally gives off a Cool Older Sibling vibe compared to pap, you’ve seen the latter’s room, right
you…. haven’t seens sans’ room tho….. mmmmmm
but like, remember the action figures, for example? sans gets him kiddie christmas gifts, not the other way around

tbh i don’t think sans’ height can be correlated to his age at all, like, i don’t think he’s gonna grow any taller, that’s just his body type?

actually!!! i made it to my train in time and just remembered one line in particular that i believe p much confirms my pov but u HAVEN’T GOTTEN THERE YET… keep going pls pls

Yeah I don’t doubt it’s his body type, it’s just that my imagination and automatic assumptions don’t correlate with logic all of the time XD


but I have so many things to doooooo

and that’ll need me to get back at my dad’s computer where my game is


(that game is perfect and I don’t want to replay because I’ll probably be tempted to do jerk things just to see what happens AND I DON’T WANNA)

(I only took one candy, was nice to everyone, only ever actually tried to fight the mad dummy, etc. Followed my natural impulses and that’s that)

ugh why does time happen


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