After spending 20 minutes letting Asgore kill me twice in the last episode, you’d think I’d finally start to catch on, wouldn’t you?  Wouldn’t you?!


Unlike with the Undyne fight, @land-of-blitheness-and-catharsis didn’t serendipitously appear to clue me in, and on my own I was far too DETERMINED to stick to my non-violent principles.  In total I spent over two hours smashing my poor protagonist’s face to pieces against this boss, too stubborn to actually take up arms in their defense.  In this minisode (can hardly call it an ‘episode’ when I don’t make any progress), I present to you a record of my failure, annotated and abridged for your convenience and sanity.

I don’t comment on it in the episode, but Asgore’s battle music is pretty awesome.  It really kept me from falling apart completely.


If it’s any consolation, this does happen to many people, even though the game is as clear about the fact that you have to fight as it possibly could be – after like seven hours of being trained to think violence is NEVER the answer, it’s understandable, though.

i like the lil annotations…

I tried this too! I figured as long as the fight dialogue was changing, there might be some hope of getting a different outcome. After all, the Mercy command isn’t ALWAYS necessary for ending battles peacefully, right? But even after the conversation stopped changing, nothing happened. 😦

SAME oh my god so SAME

in the end I figured the solution might be to weaken him, as I knew just using the ‘fight’ option doesn’t break the pacifist mode as long as you don’t actualy kill them – I fought Undyne (which made her later comments about just how much of a weakling pacifist loser Frisk is seem pretty… jarring).

and yep, there it was

(after I went into the “he killed you too many times to count” zone and spent some comfortable time there)

(it helped to have heard that true pacifist ending isn’t accessible from the first time either way)


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