I’m going to be in a digimon RP hopefully so here’s my all original do not steal (actually use to your heart’s content if you like it lol) digimon and her partner!

The girl’s name is Darina, she was made in this rly cool character creator

the digimon is, in order of evolution, Ledomon => Poroshemon => Snejnomon => Vyugomon => Buranmon => MegaVyugomon

no, MegaVyugomon is not drawn yet

Buranmon close up looks like Vyugomon without her fabric accessories. She just kinda hangs in the center of the snowstorm and can’t really turn it off but can kinda control parts of it. A huge AoE basically

(it’s a “wanted more power, got more power, are you sure that’s what you wanted” => “learn control on a strategic level and harness uncontrollable power anyway” kind of arc)

(MegaVyugomon can do everything Buranmon can do and more, this time with precise control)


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