Putin “taking notes” during Obama’s speech.

If obama was speaking I’d do the same thing

While it’s very possible he’s doodling, let us not forget that Russian Cursive apparently looks like this:


So it is very possible he just has messy handwriting (look at how he’s holding the pen) and is in fact taking notes.

Or he could just be doodling.

I’ve never seen Russian cursive and now I can’t stop laughing. 

This kind of thing is why cursive is a horrible idea.


Russian doctors notes written in cursive. Pretty sure Putin is actually taking notes.

My eyes….

@lilietsblog are you for real right now is this actually a thing

Putin is 100% just scribbling, there is no sequence of letters that could look like remotely like that, no matter how bad the handwriting.

The doctors’ handwriting thing is legit tho. It’s a meme in its own right, and it pretty much takes a doctor to read a doctor’s note. If you have a doctor writing you a prescription, you are way better off asking them to dictate to you and writing it down yourself. Altho you can usually just give the note over in the pharmacy, they also have advanced doctor’s note-deciphering skills…

But nah, Putin was 100% just scribbling. Illegible Russian handwriting looks like a fence/zigzag, not a spiral.

(and btw we don’t call it cursive unless it’s a computer font or italics, we just call it ‘handwriting’ because unlike English it’s not unusable bullshit, it actually does let us write faster with minimum loss of legibility… unless your handwriting just sucks)

PS also fyi that example by socialjust-ish is legit but not actually good handwriting, you are supposed to leave gaps between letters wider than gaps within leters. it CAN look like that written by like, a third grader, but it SHOULD look more like this

(print letters below for comparison) (excuse my messy mspaint trackpad handwriting) (also most words include letters that look differently, “лишишь” is an extreme case)

oh and just for additional cool trick

i highlighted the one line i could actualy read relatively quickly

it says “кашель сухой” – dry cough (technically, cough dry, but that’s just coz word order in russian is less fixed, it means dry cough)

so… it’s possible

the real fault of this handwriting is that the letters are too big and lines blend into one another WHO THE HELL WRITES LIKE THAT (tired underpaid doctors, that’s who)

BONUS bonus: a couple of pages from my actual old notebook with some song lyrics

^ not v good handwriting, what one would call messy, but legible (and 100% cursive, non print) (i sometimes write partly with print letters but i picked a page where it was only curisve)

v legit pretty handwriting… not PERFECT but this is my personal notebook not anything official so i guess as good as it gets


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