This snow leopard’s leap leaves me speechless. 

Was that really the easiest path to the ground, you flashy piece of shit? Really?

cats. if there is a least direct route, that is the one they take. 

Bouncy ball disguised as a leopard.

“Was that really the easiest path to the ground…?”

Depends on your criteria for “easy”. She takes a spiral path for the same reason that we build switchbacks in roads on steep hillsides and alpine skiers travel in serpentine paths down the trails. Going straight down from her perch to the floor would be fast – too fast – and result in a jarring impact that would hurt her paws and joints. It’s a lot easier on her body if she can slow her downward velocity by bouncing along a greater horizontal distance at the same time. You can even see her hesitate and reconsider the options before she jumps.


I think you mean PURRKOUR


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