Okay but this scene is so important

Peridot, who’s lived her entire life on homeworld, who doesn’t know what it’s like to care about where she came from, who has only ever been a single insignificant facet number among millions just like her, has probably never heard that someone loves her. 

And when Steven has the opportunity to say his last words, he uses them to let her know that he loves her. She matters to him. She isn’t just a disposable Peridot- she is somebody who someone loves. Someone who is more important to her than anything- even her previous leader, who she near idolized. And look at how touched she is, too. Her eyes water, she looses her panicked expression, and she looks genuinely grateful. 

Steven was under the impression that this would be the last thing he ever did, and he used it to make sure that Peridot wouldn’t die never knowing she was loved. And that is so amazing to me. 

Also people keep making jokes that she said “wow, thanks.” And it is funny but you guys need to understand that:

Steven told peridot before, “…I want you to feel nice! That’s what gifts are for. You give them to your friends to show you care. And they go ‘wow, thanks!’” She knew he was showing her he cared in the most important way, and this was her best way of showing her gratitude.



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