see, THIS is what a proper burger looks like

this is like one of those highlight magazine “how many things are wrong in this picture” pages

besides the presence of onions (and mustard, you sick fuck) that isn’t a proper bun, that’s a piece of grilled bread, no, three pieces of grilled bread. A triple decker sandwich. With two half-burgers inside of it. Who ever heard of burgers without a bun, and with a sandwich slice as a piss-poor substitute

I hereby sentence you to tomatoes without possibility of parole

okay first of all onions are delicious. and no that isn’t mustard, it’s cheese. and there is nothing wrong with bread as a bun substitute. I’ve even used hot dog buns ripped in half in a pinch. and the only reason the burgers are halves is because the whole thing was cut in half and I had already eaten the other half.

dammit now you are making me hungry

onions are the best and belong in all the burgers btw


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