MINAKO. Not just preparing in case of failure, but has already run through the scenario, determined failure is the most logical option, resolved the issue with herself and no longer cares.

Minako has probably already hit the “Acceptance” stage of grief for people who haven’t even died yet.

When your job is “love your friends, care for your friends, sacrifice your friends in a heartbeat to save your Princess,” that’s essential.  She mourned all the other Inners years ago, one at a time, because one day, it’s going to be her giving the order.  It’s going to be her turning to Rei and saying, “For the love of Serenity, burn.”  And when that happens, it needs to be her, still standing, still strong, turning to the next sacrifice.


But you know I’m right. She had private funerals on nights when their planets were in ascendance, and she drank and cried and told them how sorry she was, over and over. And then the next day when she saw them, it was like this wonderful, terrible gift, because she realized that she COULD do it, and that she would HAVE to do it, and her heart broke a little, and that’s how she learned that she could still lead.


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