this is qwilfish, a generation 2 pokemon

im just posting this to say, i have never, in my entire life, seen anyone acknowledge its existence.

not only have i never seen fanart of qwilfish, ive absolutely never seen it mentioned in any kind of pokemon discussion, ever


I had a friend who honest to god IV bred and trained several Qwilfish. He didn’t tell anyone about them, you found out because  he’d suddenly pull out the Qwilfish team against you when you didn’t expect it.

And every single one of them knew Explosion.

All of his Qwilfish were IV bred and EV trained for speed and max damage, they all held choice scarf, and his entire gameplan was to trade KOs with exploding Qwilfish.

Their names were ‘So’, ‘I’, ‘herd’, ‘u’, and ‘liek’.

The man was an avid mudkip fanatic at the time that joke was relevant, so here you are expecting his last pokemon to be a Mudkip or a Swampert, but no.

It’s a Snorlax. Who’s name was ‘QWILFISH’

And his plan from that point out was to stall for ages with Rest, Yawn and Giga Impact. Slowly whittle away at your hitpoints while putting you to sleep with him and retaining his massive HP pool with rest and leftovers.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, this was Gen 4, when the R4 was rampant and everyone knew someone with one, so pokemon with moves they shouldn’t know was pretty common.

So once you were down to your last pokemon and on your last legs…

His Snorlax also knew Explosion.

250 base damage + stab.

That man was a treasure.

I don’t understand a word of what you’re saying, but this sounds epic and I’m reblogging this for my Pokemon-savvy friends.


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