Pearl is adorable.

I just… honestly love this interaction so much?

Because this, along with the ‘Pearl, I didn’t ask you to bring me a spear’ exchange feels SO REAL. When you’re from an oppressed or disenfrenchised group, and you have friends in a similar position– this is what you do. You joke about it. You fight with sarcasm and over-exaggeration because it’s a way to belittle the prejudice you experience every day.

(Also please tell me that pearl poofed someone by just walking up, pretending to offer a sword or a spear, then plunging it their chest. Please).

Oh man I never got the “I didn’t ask you to bring me a spear” line at all and that explanation makes so much sense thaaaaank you.

She also makes a couple of fusion jokes to Garnet that come off really similarly. We saw Peridot make those kinds of jokes about both Pearl and Garnet that, from her, were really offensive, but they’re close enough with Bismuth that with her, they’re able to laugh together about those things. It really shows what kind of connection they all have.


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