Everything movies taught me about archery is wrong. This is a complete mind-blower. 8D

If you are even remotely interested in archery or medieval combat, check this out, it’s just great!



Not only is this fascinating, there are a lot of images from art history here. It just goes to show that what you can learn from the past isn’t limited to facts you can know, but things you can do.

My favorite part?

He learned this doing research for LARPs (Live Action Role Playing):

Lars Andersen originally started using bow and arrow to fight in pretend battles during Larps (live action role play) events, where he played a soldier in a medieval-inspired army. While Larps can be about anything – the Danish/Polish Harry Potter inspired larp College of Wizardry ( recently got world-wide media attention and there wasn’t a rubber sword in sight there – many Larps take place in fantasy worlds inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. And it was at one of these Larps, that Lars started to learn to shoot fast while moving.

In 2012, Lars Andersen released his video, “Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery”, where he showed how he had learned to shoot from old archery manuscripts. Using these old, forgotten techniques, Lars demonstrated how he was now the fastest archer on the planet, and after its release, the video got 3 million hits on YouTube in two days.

Since the 2012 video was released, Lars has studied and practiced, and he is now able to fire three arrows in 0.6 seconds – a truly stunning feat making him much faster than the legendary fictional archer Legolas (played by Orlando Bloom in the Lord of the Rings movies).

The time benchmark he was trying to achieve, according to the video, was the expectation of the speed at which “Saracen“ archers were expected to shoot. In fact, most of the source material as far as I can see isn’t European.

A lot of the techniques described are also used in Mongolian Archery, which requires being able to shoot from horseback, and is traditionally practiced by men and women. You can see a video here.

i keep meaning to look for this video every time I play D&D because of the rules on archery
i know the rules are there for balancing combat but my DM also sits there and goes “drawing and firing an arrow takes 6 seconds and if you’re near someone they’re gonna try to bat it out of your hand so you have a penalty on attack”
and like
nah son

this is a really cool video to watch, but is full of misinformation. Worth noting off the top of my head that he is using a very low draw weight bow making it able to be drawn very quickly.

and thats a bad thing because?…

i mean yeah hed probably lose his accuracy at long distance but like. bow was historically a hunting weapon. being able to quickly shoot a moving target on the other side of the clearing 20 meters away was PROBABLY a priority over being able to shoot down an apple 3 km away or whatever the modern archery feats are


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