aha ye gotcha

and man… can I just gush some more about Shiroe being a SUPPORT CLASS and just so very vulnerable – The Type that he belongs to tend to have trouble with that, they are too self reliant, they know they are stronger than others and prefer to secure their own security first

and im putting this under cut for spoilers

and Shiroe just… doesn’t. if he ever runs out of people on his side he’s dead. and he’s not scared of that, or rather, he doesn’t ever show anything like fear of that. even one on one with a larger opponent who has good reasons to hate him and can throw him around like a ragdoll (AND DOES. AND IT PROBABLY HURTS) – Shiroe still keeps his presence of mind. he holds on to the assumption that Demikas is still, ultimately, on his side, because Demikas has saved him once and Shiroe is not the one to miss that kind of detail

for an asocial introverted autistic Shiroe sure is good at paying attention to other people. and caring about other people. and relying on other people

and it’s so related to what a selfless good he is

there’s a trope out there where villains are this kind of support class, weak on their own… augmented with brainwashing others to support them, up to and including raising kids from infancy to be devoted to them

and that’s a nuance here

because Shiroe literally does the exact opposite of that, he pretty much works on crafting his reputation as a villain… and then he still receives support from people who call him that, because nickname is one thing and objective reality is another thing, and objective reality is that those who follow Shiroe are all the better at it


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