No I GET IT. The world is changing. The monsters used to not have intelligence, the raids used to be formulaic. It’s just… I didn’t really expect the Silver Sword guild to entirely rely on that? “We know how to do this thing, and we definitely know how it’s going to go”. They’ve already had to adjust to using their abilities in person with their bodies, they’ve already had to adjust to facing deaths that were more than just a changing picture on the screen. They have started marrying People of the Land! They are ruling their own city!

I guess I’ve been subsumed too much into Shiroe’s mode of thinking. There’s a reason William looks to him as inspiration here, and it’s just kind of… sad that William can’t follow what his thought process was.

As far as I can tell, taking damage still translates into pain in combat, and they are people who’ve learned to take that and persevere anyway, and press on, and keep their presence of mind and try again and again through pain and death.

On basis of that, I expected those who had stayed with William and went with him to this raid to be a warrior guild, not purely a we-know-how-to-do-this-exactly raid guild, is all.

Oh well.


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