world building…

im writing a fic and im just going with ‘fuck it i’m inventing my own sorcerer skills’ bc while i did find a list somewhere it didn’t have actual descriptions >_> like with cast time, cooldown time, damage, effects, fluff, etc

meanwhile the big question i have is

did adventurers really not get any quests from People of the Land at all until the treaty with Eastal? I get the big quests like the magic bag one, but the worldbuilding seems to be set up so that the players are there to protect the People of the Land from the monsters, and in my experience many low level MMORPG quests are along the lines of ‘please save me / my family / my friend who was going to visit me but never made it, kill those monsters or they’ll kill us’

are there no villages around Akihabara? did people in there really never need and never ask for adventurers’ help?

or did it just not count as Official Quests?

bc im NOT buying that of several thousand adventurers in Akihabara, not ONE other than Shiroe actually paid attention to the People of the Land

(I know there’s Royal Guard and I know there are Izumi Knights, but what kind of protection do small towns and villages have? From the goblins situation, it did not look like adventurers were entirely redundant on a local small scale level either)

Oh whoops my bad, that’s because I never saved the descriptions off of the other LH wiki that went defunct and no longer has backups… ^^; I-I’ll get to them after I get the Summoner skills translated… (although to note, Mamare almost never actually works with hard numbers unless it’s plot-important. So most skills won’t detail cast time, cooldown time, etc., just general info about what it does and what kinds of statuses it inflicts, if any)

See, after the Catastrophe, quests aren’t like “glowing ! signs above Landers’ heads” like it was before. You actually had to go up to them, talk to them, find out what they need, etc. And up until the Round Table formation, most people were treating them as AI, or didn’t have the time to really pay attention to them. Even with Shiroe, it’s really only around a month after the Catastrophe that he starts noticing “Wait, these people have actual lives and histories!”

After the Round Table was formed, probably everyone, Adventurer and Lander alike, was so caught up in these new discoveries that everyone was eager just to try and do things. For Landers, it’s their first taste of flavorful cooked food. That in itself is a huge change.

And of course, there probably were Adventurers who did notice that Landers were actual people (I think the side novel/official fan-fic Kushi Yatama, Do Your Best! focuses on the ex-DDD member traveling with a new band of people to different villages? Maybe? Not to mention that this is exactly how Nureha takes over Minami). They just weren’t the focus of the story because Shiroe’s side focuses on the general attitude of Akibans after the Catastrophe.

Small villages, without Adventurer protection, literally just hope and pray they don’t get killed. Rudy mentions in volume 8 that for Landers, having to get up and move because their village was destroyed by monsters is a common thing. (Uh, maybe this is spoilers because I’m guessing the anime didn’t mention this in their arc, but Rudy’s hometown received the same fate.)

Oh, and as for food, Nyanta wasn’t the only one. Someone on Minami’s side discovered it as well, but by that time the information-withholding order was probably already in place so news about it didn’t spread. On the North American server, somebody trying to milk too much money out of it turned Big Apple (NYC) into a war zone (Leonardo in Kanami’s arc ends up in China trying to escape it after having had enough of the fighting).


also i actually like inventing my own skills (and a possibly OP subclass ^^; hey can’t be worse than scribe turned out to be anyway) better because I can have them do EXACTLY what i want for my story

so yeah I’m going with ‘there were actually people who still took requests from People of the Land it just wasn’t a Big Thing anymore’ then!

and… Nyanta was the only one in Akihabara apparently and I still can’t figure out how that happened??? did not a single chef try the super obvious solution of ‘just cook it manually’ before or

was chef THAT rare a subclass

If you need any more inspiration for subclasses, I have a list of subclasses that I got from the Japanese fandom (which incorporate Mamare’s ideas/notes and fan-made suggestions).

It’s hard to tell whether Nyanta was the only one in the Akiba area, if some people tried but didn’t have the proper requirements/preparation equipment (the anime showed one of Crescent Moon’s chefs attempting to make something beyond his current Chef skill level and so it failed), or if some people found out but kept the secret to themselves (out of fear of harassment, or as part of an information war/biding their time to reveal it).

Chef was probably one of those subclasses that wasn’t extremely popular before the Catastrophe. Because the game didn’t have any sort of fatigue or hunger system as far as I’m aware of, food items are really only for buffs, removing bad statuses, and maybe healing. But for actual raids, other subclasses are more effective, and it didn’t provide any bonuses for production, so it was mainly a roleplaying subclass.

I actually have all of the main class information from the oksub wiki! I copied it on 9/18/2014, though, so if there were any changes after that I don’t have them.

Here’s what I have, though obviously some classes got more attention than others at the time I copied everything.

oh!!! thanks!!! i found something like this but it didnt have any actual skill description )=

also man how would a solo sorcerer work… theres nothing on that. but i Dont Believe there would never be solo sorcerers. an exception to any rule

i just cheated in the fic by giving my sorc a subclass that pulls random low level skills from other classes and having several of them be movement/barrier >_>

…one question i have is levels at which these skills are learned because my char is not lvl 90 so uh

anyway sorcerer has Loads of control options so great potential for solo run?…


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