yes, Shiroe thought that, but he was also objectively wrong and unfair to himself which is a thing he is a lot

idk i just flare up at this thing that comes across as treating Shiroe as infallible, super capable, functionally omniscient, and Should Have Been Able To Do That. like… that’s how he gets himself burned out & hurt, that’s the impression he tends to give off bUT HE’S HUMAN AND HE NEEDS A FUCKING BREAK

also he needs a reality check on the fact that “good at improvisation” and “chronically irresponsible” are not the same thing, even if one of them tends to look a lot like the other

Shiroe makes decisions in the blink of a fucking eye THAT’S WHAT HIS FULL CONTROL ENCOUNTER IS. he doesn’t just See Information, he actively decides how to utilize it and directs the flow of combat, and that is hundreds of small decisions he has barely seconds to make!!! yes they are well grounded in stuff he knows but he’s capable of momentarily recalling it and putting it together with his situational goal to creat a solution, and THAT, not ~*lOlrAwRiMsOrAnDoM*~ is how you make quick decisions WELL

and on the other side of the coin, Shiroe is Very Very Good at coming up with absurd ideas and solutions – something that no-one has ever tried or thought of before – and running with them, and that’s what makes him invaluable and oh so capable in this specific situation – completely new, no-one knows solutions to it yet, anything anyone does would be an improvisation AND THAT’S WHERE SHIROE SHINES

just because he’s also good at tedious paperwork doesn’t mean that’s what put him in charge of a city and potentially the whole fucking Yamato server (god knows William came at his first call without even bothering to ask for details, and Nureha sure does seem to look to him a lot as well)

Shiroe is FUCKING AWESOME at making quick decisions and improvising and that’s a hill I will die on


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