Shiroe and Demiqas from episode 2 “Mithril Eyes and the Outlaw”

Everyone’s color palettes harmonize into the background … and then there’s Ukiyo.

oh man Shiroe’s ‘completely out of fucks to give’ face on the last panel

I don’t know I love him very much

it’s not because he feels safe in a tavern around william! no! he makes the same face when Demikas does this shit to him during the raid

he just… doesn’t fucking care. he fails to be intimidated by this humongous dude manhandling him. yes he couldn’t hurt him if he tried and will snap in half like a twig if Demikas so much as punches him bc ENCHANTER but he just. doesn’t give a fuck about that fact

there’s a very special kind of badassery reserved for the objectively weak and I LOVE SHIROE OKAY

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