this IS broadly analogous to “chan” but it’s just. see if it was just “Yuri-kun” i guess it would be Yura, but “chan” can translate to SO MANY NUANCES

and no it’s not quite Poochykins level (that would be Vitususenka or Yuropupochka) but it’s… not quite Yurik either

basically imagine a very old, affectionate rural grandma who has knitted you a sweater and made you some snacks and would like you to wear a scarf and has no clue that her every word embarrasses her deeply loving but also deeply teenage-self-conscious grandson
that’s what she would use

really your relations to nicknames of your name is basically just what you are used to. what your family and friends call you is going to be your normal and basically anything else is going to be annoying/embarrassing/NO THIS IS NOT ME WHAT PERSON ARE YOU REFERRING TO I KNOW THIS IS A NICKNAME FOR MY FULL NAME BUT IT IS NOT MY NAME

(please never refer to me as Nyura or Nyusha or i wILL STRANGLE YOU)

(Annushka is kinda fine but also I never killed anyone by spilling oil on tram tracks just so we are clear on this)

I’d say the one Yurochka would legitimately prefer is Yurka, where the ‘k’ suffix is kind of? mildly derogative? like ‘bad yura’. imagine a preschool age child complaining to their parents about that nasty Yura who ruined their sandcastle and called them a name. they would use ‘Yurka’

(people over preschool age would probably just use the name the person prefers lol)

also imagine a company of elementary school kids hanging out together. like, playing football, occasionally fighting. a Yuri would probably be called Yurka there and be deeply embarrassed whenever the parents even use Yura to call him home, not to mention any other variations

THIS nuance definitely doesn’t exist in Japanese culture

(the version of my own name like this would be Anka) (with a soft n like An’ka) (hard Anka would just be an uncommon but neutral shortening)


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