1/22/2017: The editor of the Annual Reviews and producer for Bloomberg news, Anna Rascouët-Paz, posted, and within an hour, deleted this tweet on Trump’s unabashedly fascistic “press” “conference”

Okay actually read this it’s unbelievably important

…this is a real thing, yeah. In Ukraine, most people are absolutely apathetic to the political process because “who the fuck knows, they’re all identically bad anyway”. Which might be not true, but between EVERYONE accusing EVERYONE of corruption, denying obvious charges and refusing to speak to the press, it feels like there really is no way to tell. Is this person claiming on social media to have witnessed something firsthand real or a paid political troll? ~nobody knows~. all press outlets are probably lying in favor of the media magnates that own or sponsor them. TV hasn’t told the truth once since being invented. Talk shows are the most reliable source of information because at least people sorta explain their reasoning there, but of course they are bullshit too. Everyone knows this

please don’t let this happen to you


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