Oh, so you did mean the ocean, cool.

I think to a degree we’re going to agree to disagree here bc there isn’t actually a way to prove some assumptions at the base of my reading…

1) the ocean chose Moana because Moana chose the ocean first. We were shown the toddler clapping reaction for a reason, and the I Am Moana scene showed that Moana’s own choices and decisions were always key and the ocean followed them. That’s what the themes of the movie AS EXPRESSED EXPLICITLY IN SONGS are building up to

2) the ocean isn’t all that smart. It helped Moana coerce Maui into teaching her because it was on her side principally in any conflict she had with him. And it gave zero fucks about Moana’s people going back to sailing or not, it just needed a second hero because Maui would not have willingly returned to put the heart back. The ocean itself can’t coerce people in any way, it relies on them working out their goals and agency on their own.

…actually, wasn’t Moana chosen right after she heard the story of Maui and Te-Fiti’s heart? I bet what happened is that her immedaite three-year-old reaction to the story was IMMA GO THERE AND BE THAT HERO and that’s why she ran to the ocean – and it was like OH FUCK YES SOMEONE WHO’S WILLING TO HELP HERE COME HERE LIL BABY

3) …I was going to say I didn’t think Moana’s father was chosen before her but actually now that I think of it it makes as much sense as anything. He gave up on the mission right after the first rough patch (which, to be fair, was someone dying)… actually the same way Moana did at one point, but Moana then dove and got the heart back and continued with the mission anyway, and he didn’t. The movie is built on the the themes of choice and identity after all.


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