wait, chosen by whom? the ocean chose her when she was a toddler, before she learned any kind of job, Maui absolutely refused to teach her everything until she made him, and everything else was her own agency and choice, from finding the ships to demanding Maui teach her

also Moana had no clue how to sail a fishing boat when she tried it by herself so I think while she was taught a lot ABOUT these jobs, probably not actually how to do them >_> I mean yeah weaving baskets and dancing but I think everyone on the island knows them

the way it can be said wayfinding is ‘inherent’ to her is that she has been excited about exploring and adventures since toddlerhood (there’s a reason we’re shown her reaction to grandma’s story!) AND it’s her legacy (just like everyone else’s on the island)

but yeah for the most part ‘inherent’ has nothing to do with it, she just WANTED it and so she learned it, by choice

(and the call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me)


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