This happened 3 years ago today. 

After a very dissapointing short program, where she finished 16th, Mao came back with all guns blazing and delivered this incredibly emotional performace. 

During her whole career she has tried to push the boundaries of the sport, delivering not only technical content most ladies wouldn’t even dare to try, but also artistry and skating skills like no other. Her step sequences, her musicality, and her emotional conection to the music and the audience have moved skating fans all over the world. She’s been up and down during her entire career, her life hasn’t been easy, but not once has she given up. 

To me this is one of the most inspirational performances ever. I hope to see her in a year in Pyeongchang.

Thank you for all the wonderful performances you’ve shared with us Mao, i hope there will be more to come 🙂

This should have been the top scoring free program of the night. This should have broken a record for the highest women’s free skate score we’d seen up to that point. 

Maybe she couldn’t have medaled because of her extremely low scoring short program, but she should have won the free skate!! 

Anyway, best singles skating moment of Sochi.


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