dear cishet aces and cishet aros


just because your experiences do not align with lgbt it does not mean they aren’t valid

just because you aren’t lgbt it doesn’t mean you don’t matter

just because the lgbt community is not the right community for you it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a safe and supportive community of your own

not being lgbt does not equal not deserving support or acceptance

so what is this ‘The LGBT Experiences’ that you allude to here? bc im pretty sure that the pressures and attitudes towards all four letters of this already cut down acronym are very different. like even gays and lesbians are treated very differently bc homophobia goes hand in hand with sexism, and then bi peeps get a new set of challenges that doesn’t align with them, and then trans ppl get hit with the kind of shit that doesn’t exist for the other acronym letters at all

LGBT was never about having One Unifying Experience ™, it was always about ‘we are all different but we have the same obstacle which is the heteronormative cisnormative scenario of penis + vagina = ideal man + woman romance’ and about ‘we are all going to support each other bc nobody else will’

like, when you are talking about this abstract support and acceptance aro/ace ppl are going to get… WHERE EXACTLY. are you saying ’dont play w/my toys and sit on my chair, but you totes deserve support um somewhere else over there keep looking’ or are you saying ’sure i’ll support and help you right here’ and just splitting hairs over semantics bc thats important to you for some personal love-of-exact-classifications reason?

also b t w aro/ace ppl’s experiences align A SUPRISING LOT w those of bi ppl, we get the same erasure and denial and potential for corrective rape

tl;dr the fuck you talking about


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