I support Men’s Rights











I support the right for black men to interact with the police safely and without fear for their own life.

I support the right for trans men to use the correct bathroom without fear for their safety.

I support the right for bi and gay men to marry and adopt kids and donate blood.

I support the right for disabled men to have access to facilities and services with their disabilities accommodated respectfully. 

I support the right for immigrant men to be treated with respect and be given full protection under the law. 

I support the right for Jewish men and Muslim men to be able to practice their religion in peace without bomb threats and hateful vandalism against their places of worship. 

Of course I support men’s rights. I’m just confused as to why so few “Antifeminists” do as well. 

So something doesn’t qualify as a men’s rights issue to you unless the men who face it are primarily disadvantaged due to their racial or other minority status? No mention of issues faced pretty much universally by all men in our society?

Are you suggesting that men’s issues dont count unless they impact white, straight, cis able bodied men?

I never said that, did I? But there are issues men face specifically because they’re men. When we talk about men’s rights, we should focus on issues that we collectively face, not things that a mere subset of us face and which would be better addressed by other movements.

So basically you dont want to focus on anything that doesnt impact white straight cis dudes?
No intersectioanlity here i see.

No, because I don’t want to focus on anything that only impacts e.g. white men, for the same reason. It makes the most sense to put the most effort into advocating for things that affect all of us.

MRAs don’t have to co-opt the civil rights movement, the LGBT rights movement, etc. in order to be valid in its own right.

Let me try to explain it. Supporting men’s rights is when you are wanting to stop things that are negative towards ALL men BECAUSE they’re men. All of he examples above are better suited for Civil Rights, LGBT, and religious freedom respectfully. But those things have nothing to do with them being men, so they aren’t men’s rights.

“These issues only impact minority men, so they aren’t my concern.” Well doesnt that just show where your priorities are. Telling.

That’s not what I said and you KNOW it’s not what I said. If you’re going to reply, don’t be so dishonest in it.

those things [Issues that impact minority men] have nothing to do with them being men, so they aren’t men’s rights [so they aren’t my concern].

Tell me which part is SOOOOOOOO dishonest?



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