eglantinewynne-baugh replied to your post: I don’t understand why I have such a completely…

   I don’t know about you, but for me it definitely has something to do
with the fact that irl people change clothes/hair/makeup/glasses a lot,
and it takes seeing them a few times for my brain to have enough data
to know what Person X’s style is, and associate it with them. Tumblr
user X’s icon, on the other hand, is more than likely *exactly the same*
the first ten times I see it.   
Actually, “style” is wrong; “color palette” is closer. 

I’m actually kind of the opposite of face blind? I can always recognize when I’ve *seen* someone before, even if I can’t remember the context right away, but I cannot for the life of me remember their name unless I saw it written down. It’s probably just that names are almost always auditory input first, and my brain gets rid of all but the most salient auditory bits. Apparently names get classified as arbitrary syllables and tossed. (A byproduct of growing up in the era that inspired the song “27 Jennifers”?) Anyway, this is also why I can’t listen to podcasts or audiobooks, and the lyrics of songs don’t register until I’ve heard them about 20 times.

This is really fascinating–I don’t think I’ve ever talked to someone who just can’t listen to audiobooks before, which is making me think. Also, I’m *not* face blind, although reading what I said again I can absolutely see how it sounds like I am. I taught discussion sections when I was in grad school, and when students would come to my office hours I was constantly looking at their faces and having to say things like “Okay, so I know you’re in my 2pm section and always near the front across from the door, but I have no idea what your name is despite the fact that you’ve told me three times.” My brain just doesn’t file names anywhere long-term until it has a consistent set of colors to associate with them; I have no idea why.

Oh, yes, that sounds similar to my experience re: names! The color synaesthesia aspect you have is cool. It’d probably help me if I would associate colors with names; I get color associations with the feelings media/art evokes, tastes of some foods, some smells, etc.

The thing with audiobooks: I can listen to them, but only if I’m on a really long drive. If I’m doing literally anything else, as soon as I see anything the least bit interesting (especially the written word), my ears turn off and next thing I know it’s two chapters later and I have no idea what happened. And if I’m the passenger in the car, I usually just fall asleep. When I’m doing stuff with my hands at home, I end up with TV shows in the background, because there’s enough of a visual aspect when I look up to keep me from getting distracted.

I cannot listen to podcasts or audiobooks either and I’m at a complete loss when it comes to song lyrics unless I look them up.  I have horrendous auditory processing and unless I force myself to pay the strictest attention to what I’m hearing (and take notes), it ends up being more like the adults from Charlie Brown “won wah won won” and…yes…

Anyway, I am the same way with names and it really has to do with having a visual representation of the name.  (People’s faces do not work because I can’t hold on to people’s faces – at least partially because I have a hard time looking at people’s faces and paying attention to what they’re saying – I need more like an actual visual of their name written out.)  So I tend to learn names and people on, like, two different planes and then have to force my brain to make that connection through regular repetition.

Like, I can remember Jenny likes cats, but I can’t connect the name Jenny and her like of cats with the person I’m interacting with who suddenly runs after a cat on the street.  Remembering someone on Tumblr, though, is kinda like only having to deal with the first half (Jenny likes cats) and not having to worry about connecting it to the second half.

I don’t know.  My brain’s a mess.

We’re starting a support group.

Also: What does it mean that I can’t remember people’s names, but I can totally remember that the fire department Dalmatian I met nearly 20 years ago now in the food court of the mall on the way home from karate was named Duchess?

Mine is hit and miss. Some auditory things I do great with (melody lines! Harmony lines!) and others…. ehhhhhhh.

There are a VERY few people I can stand to have read to me. My husband. David Tennant. …. yeah, pretty much that. It might be an attention thing? They do all the voices. 

Speech tends to process slower than other inputs for me. My brain moves very fast, so text is great. Talking is slow. It’s hard to focus without my brain wandering off on a tangent.

Hi! I AM VERY MUCH HERE FOR THIS. I also have trouble with names/faces/speech. I tend to completely not be able to remember things said to me 2s ago and need to constantly ‘summarize map’ the conversation or I’d lose my way completely. I’ve heard words and phrases legit ACTUAL SOUNDS that, when I repeat it back to the person who said it they’re like, “that’s actually not at all what I said, it was x instead”.

Speech is… especially when it’s actual sound, is, god so overwhelming? like, one on one is okay at this point, big groups it’s just, fuck man, don’t even try. I actually find crowds and mobs soothing because you’re not expected to hear anything and there’s just this general applebanana murmur.

im kinda half decentish at names but FACES ARE MAGIC. I need to see a person for like a year on a daily basis before I can differentiate them from other people with vaguely same-ish face type and hairstyle

and audiobooks are just HOW??? I can’t focus on auditory input for more than like a minute at a time if theres no interaction. same with podcasts, I just get transcripts. I get distracted and suddenly it’s half a chapter later and I have no idea what’s goning on = always always always. even playing dnd via voice chat is only tolerable bc I get to say and do things too, and ask if I didn’t get something from the first time, and there are maps and tokens to focus on… and still I miss a lot

one thing that helps with focusing on auditory input is drawing. maybe it’s a leftover from when I doodled in class all the time or maybe that’s why doodling in class was a thing I did so much, but yeah: when my hands and eyes are busy with engaging but not rly brain-heavy shit my ears actually finally get their turn

also I fucking hate being in a room with TV on the background unless it’s something like a nature documentary where they are just spouting fun facts all the time

bc I can neither focus on what’s going on nor tune it out completely and so I end up with irritatingly random bits and pieces of what’s going on over there

it’s happened to me before that I enter a room to take something, there’s a TV show I have never seen nor heard before and have 0 interest in, and catch myself 10 minutes later still standing at the door and watching the fucking show which I probably don’t even like bc im picky about fiction and most TV shows do things I don’t like



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