It’s so gross that society glorifies overworking and then if you can’t handle working 3 jobs while in school full time and never sleeping they say the problem is you, cause so and so did it while raising 3 kids as a single parent

Like how is that not objectively wrong to everyone


“Breaking News: Exceptional individual prevails against the staggering unfairness of society.”

The only reason that -inspirational- stories like this come across as remotely positive is because they purposefully ignore the other side of the situation. Otherwise, for every story like this, we’d see a bunch more saying things like: 

“Worker misses shift to deliver baby, gets fired for attendance violation”

“Student’s performance declines due to stress from being unable to afford basic amenities. Grant and scholarship boards unmoved by their plight.”

“Disabled student flunks out of program after school fails to provide necessary accommodations, ends up with no degree and a massive pile of debt.”

“Plucky 14 year old starts innovative new business to fund mom’s lifesaving surgery, but it fails to become an incredible success and so the kid has to watch their parent die of a treatable illness.”

As soon as you throw some variation of the words “forced to” into any of these stories, they go from inspirational to terrifying. That’s because the people writing these stories are trying to invent inspirational material from whole-cloth rather than presenting the full truth. They hold up someone as an inspirational figure without questioning the pressures and expectations that pushed them into working so hard in the first place. 

The people reporting these stories probably don’t have some sinister capitalist agenda beyond trying to focus on inspirational content that will get them more clicks than stories of brutal unfairness. Unfortunately, the overall effect of this focus is to gradually raise the bar on what’s considered an acceptable amount of struggle to expect from people.  

The media should by all means recognize the accomplishments of these extraordinary people. I just wish that, instead of holding them up as an example to be uncritically emulated, they’d take a second to ask something like “My God, what the hell are we doing to these kids?” 

Soviet Union had a slogan “Когда страна прикажет быть героем, у нас героем становится любой!” = “When the country orders to be a hero, anyone here will become one!”

and yes the subtext of that was exactly as terrifying as it sounds and matches this closely


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