what I know about otherkin

– it’s a weird thing that means different things to different people
– it is, at its basis, identifying as something different than a human being in a spiritual sense? kind of? spiritual stuff is weird i’m not even sure what the word means strictly speaking
– it does not involve denial of objective reality of being biologically human, its more like stretching the definition of ‘being’ something?
– its not like being trans at all, altho a lot of nb kids flock to the kin community
– it has its own completely unique and completely ??? for outsiders kinds of drama, like the ‘dont tag as kin’ thing
– it includes both kids and adults and was not, in fact, invented on tumblr
– can apply to anything from species and natural phenomena to specific fictional characters and household appliances
– is absolutely harmless in itself but gets blowback from both transphobia and ableism
– also intersects with did community a lot? that one is also kinda weird and complex and i dont know half the stuff that goes on in it but i know kin is part of it
– one person can have multiple kintypes. i have no clue about statictics of how common this is and whether it is correlated to anything else like age. i just know its a thing
– otherkin generally like seeing stuff related to their kintype, altho stuff about other ppl with the same kintype can be an exception

if any otherkin read this and im wrong somewhere pls correct? i just want to try and systematize my knowledge of this thing that some people I care about are


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