At no point has “triggered” come off as a funny term to me. Like even isolating it from the poor taste its constantly used in, triggered isn’t really functionally funny? If I want to use a word to describe someone being agitated to the point of reaction (assuming that’s the generalized meaning its being used as a stand-in for) I think “activated” is actually hilarious. Like: “I brought up republican corruption in front of my dad and he fucking ACTIVATED” is funny because it suggests a drastic change in an almost inhuman way since the word is more mechanical in nature, but you still know the reaction was extreme. Still, the important thing is also intent. In the context of goading someone out of cruel motivations there’s not really any comedy to be had unless the offended party is involved in the situation to any extent beyond “I decided to piss them off”, at the very least in a way without serious damage or consequence. It’s the difference between John Mulaney tormenting an entire diner with Tom Jones and someone trying to induce flashbacks in a ptsd survivor. 


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