ugh I don’t have the energy for MORE discourse because I’ve been arguing on Facebook all weekend


The more time passes, the angrier I get about mindthecactuses’ shit ass sexually harassing strangers, minors, and survivors against their will and bargaining their consent when they call him out

He’s a sexual abuser piece of garbage and I hope he dies tomorrow under a garbage truck

I don’t have the energy to call him out but I’m BURNING to do it anyway

How the fuck am I sexually harassing anything by screaming my own experiences into the blue void of hell that’s Tunglr? In NSFW tags as well, and even tagged as NSFW just to be doubly sure!

I would appreciate it if you could substantiate your claims about me being a sexual abuser… Calling gay men abusers and wanting them dead is not anything new and I really hope that you turn into a decent person one day and understand that!

“I put sexual content in tags designed for ace kids, pointing that out is homophobic!”

Ace kids? Are you fucking kidding me? Why should kids be declaring that they don’t like to fuck?!? Kids should stay away from NSFW tags!

Ace positivity isn’t a nsfw tag. Bi positivity is not a nsfw tag. Lesbian positivity is not a nsfw tag. People don’t usually fucking post graphic sexual content in those fucking tags for a reason you sick fucking weirdo.

Because they are SUPPOSED to be safe, positive spaces where kids can also be included. They are FLUFF tags.

‘like to fuck’ and ‘feel sexual attraction’ aren’t even remotely in the same ballpark fyi

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