i understand the historical reasons why English is the most common language

but if I was writing a speculative fiction novel

and I said “the language that most people learn as a second language, usually for professional reasons, is also the only one with a spelling system so terrible that spelling words correctly is a broadcasted competition

you’d be like “extremely unrealistic 0/10”

responses I have gotten to this post:

  • “ok but there are historical reasons why English is so common” (i know)

  • “have you considered that French has dictation competitions” (these are not remotely the same thing)

  • “but English is not the most common language” ( as a first language, absolutely not. but it’s become a lingua franca, so a lot of people learn it as a second/third/etc language. insofar as data exists, either English or Mandarin Chinese is the most common written language. hilariously, the Mandarin writing system is difficult in an entirely different way)

  • “no really let me expound on the history of the British Empire and England’s hegemony in trading over the time period beginning” (i too have taken a history class)

the real lesson to be learned from this post is that making everything logical and sensible in your made up fictional world is unrealistic, because real world is random and chaotic and doesn’t make sense and that’s just how it is


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