now all of Homeworld will know you’re here

weren’t the Diamonds already
going to come to Earth to strip it of resources before the inevitable Clustersplosion tho

also, consider: Navy goes to gather the other Rubies and then lands back on Earth again because it’s just so great

No, the Diamonds were going to steal humans for the Zoo before the Clustersplosion would happen. The Gems could have hidden, then gone back to the Zoo and freed the humans with the help of the Famethyst.

But honestly? The Ruby squad returning to Earth seems VERY unlikely. They’re still loyal to Homeworld, they HATE the Earth (except Navy maybe, though her love for Earth-things was probably part of her ruse), and they have VERY important info about the Crystal Gems.

Everyone of the Ruby Squad knows the Crystal Gems are still alive, and who is a part of them.

Navy knows exactly where their base is.

Eyeball knows that Steven is essentially Rose Quartz.

So basically?

The Gems are fucked my guy.


I mean you are very not wrong on the ‘fucked’ front (THEY DON’T HAVE A SHIP ANYMORE, TOO)

but do you really think that the plan to let Diamonds kidnap people and then steal them back is a good plan that would work

because I don’t think that >_>


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