the best running theme of Phoenix Wright is that he 100% just rolls with whatever relationship other people decide to have with him. His only girlfriend basically just walked up to him and said “you. we’re dating now and you love me very much” and he was like “yeah okay, lemme know if you have a sweater I can wear to really drive the point home.” The Fey sisters basically grabbed him and said “I guess you’re our brother now” and he was like “yeah sure do you have any family drama I could get involved in?” Even Trucy just sorta told him “hey you’re my dad” and he was like “Mm. Guess I’d better get a job, huh.”

Look I need to point out for anyone not in the fandom that the section with Trucy isn’t just true, it’s nearly an exact quote.

yeah it’s important to note that this is not an exaggeration or comedy oversimplification, this is literally how he adopted his daughter in the actual game

The only person important to Phoenix this doesn’t apply to is Edgeworth, who he changes his major and career in order just to meet. Everyone else is just like “Oh, you’re this to me now? Cool, okay, I’ll update my Christmas card list”. Edgeworth? “Nope, I know who are you are. Not just ‘who you are to me’ but who you are as a person. I’ve known since I was nine. Anyone, including you, who says you’re not like that is wrong. And I’m going to nag you until you become that person again whether you like it or not.”

You’re not who you were when you were nine? B u l l s h i t.
Let me just change my ENTIRE CAREER CHOICE just to find out why you’re not who you were when you were nine aND THEN GET YOU BACK TO THE EDGEWORTH I KNOW.

Phoenix is a people person. He is motivated by and changes for / changed by people.


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