Gotta just quickly express hatred for how I can’t leave the dash for a while without it deciding I can’t reblog things anymore unless I refresh, but refreshing means I’ll have to scroll back down all the way. This is the only site that I use that puts an activity limited on my page, while also being the only site where I’m liable to be on one page for a long time.

That sounds a bit odd, never experienced it myself. Is it a new thing, or has it always been so?

Always. It doesn’t happen immediately but it can take half an hour or more to go through my dash, which I need to do in one go or it freezes eventually. No breaks, and definitely can’t turn the computer in sleep mode without it happening.

Hmm, I have had the freezing thing a few times, and to me it seemed to be an issue with the browser or a plugin. Updating everything (including graphics drivers), using Adblock and cleaning out my Cache have helped me, but you might already have tried that already?

I use adblock yeah, but I didn’t do cleaning cache or update graphics drivers, how does that have anything to do with whether that one blue button responds?

I have this problem too, and there is a way around it! If you want to stop and/or refresh the page in the middle of your dash, what you want to do is go to the permanent url of the post you are now on. And from there, you can open a new dash tab starting from this post! There are two ways to do it. The first is to install the Go To Dash or something like that xkit extension. The second is to note the post number in the url (copypaste it somewhere) and then put the following in the url bar: https://www.tumblr.com/dashboard/[any number more than 1, 2 works or 9000 works, whatever]/[the post number + 1]
i have no idea why it is +1. it’s just the kind of random annoying shit this site does

(it often takes me the entire day to get through night’s dash bc im halfway across the world and timezones, so this was kind of a necessary fix)


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