The lack of meta about how Homeworld readily exploits but fails to take care of its soldier class really bums me out. 

Some talking points:

  • Rubies are made to feel interchangeable and easily replaceable 
  • They’re treated like common footsoldiers and don’t seem to have much room for advancement outside of their own group – even tho ones like Eyeball want to become a legend 
  • Literally everyone treats Rubies like they’re stupid
  • The implications of Homeworld making Kindergartens full of Gems whose express purpose in their utilitarian regime is to fight until they die
  • The surviving Rose Quartzes were all bubbled, with the implication being that they’re kept that way just because of the actions of our Rose Quartz
  • When the Amethysts were being wiped out en masse by the Crystal Gems during the War, Homeworld’s reaction was to just make another Kindergarten to generate more soldiers
  • They botched Beta because they rushed it, and then blamed the Beta Quartzes for being inferiorly made
  • Gems like Jasper had to fight from the moment they were made, to the point where Jasper not only places no value on her own suffering but believes if she does suffer it’s deserved
  • Centipeetle and her crew were considered acceptable collateral damage and left behind to be hit by the Corruption Song
  • The Earth Quartzes were left to die after the War, saved only by the fact that Blue Diamond is a sentimentalist 
  • They were then kept segregated from the rest of Homeworld and put under the unsupervised care of someone who regularly verbally and physically abuses them

is this like… weird? isnt this how ‘exploit and brainwash your population to fight in wars for you’ normally works? like… are there soldiers that arent treated like this somewhere in the world? its slightly exaggerated to account for ‘the gems literally dont have families and the same network of attachments so are even worse at empathizing and being humane’ but like. nothing out of the expected bounds? idk what kind of meta there should be on this other than ‘wow life sucks’ )=


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