Demi-chan wa Karitai episode 1 liveblog

alright let’s see what this Demi-chan is all about
jfc 360 vs 480 is such a big difference in screen size it’s weird

another dude main character? thats kinda disappointing
at least the blondie girl looks v adorable
monster girls huh

everyone is cute so far in the opening
but seriously why arent the openings subbed anywhere?????
college thesis
a teacher

“I want to interview demi-humans!” sounds… surprisingly skeevy

awww her slippers
a succubus huh

“discrimination has been less common” or “discrimination has been outlawed”? there are subtle degrees there

omg I love this awkward ball of dorkiness ❤

and seriously shes not a self narrating zoo exhibit fuck off

wow this girl is fucked up

the blondie is a demi-human too isn’t she
and she’s very right about the swift response
Hikari ❤ what a fitting name

maybe dont touch dude

uh is this an epidemic or

vampire of course
whats going on here?

jfc dude get over yourself
‘i love demi-humans’ is a creepy thing to say

Hikari is rly cute

aww she’s a demi

man Hikari is a dork
and her twin is not a demi huh

okay he’s at least trying to be sensitive ^^
heh she has something very specific in mind doesnt she

aww the dullahan girl ❤

ah and the snow girl ❤

bright sunlight

a stake through the heart would kill me! me too! ❤ fav

so vampires drink little blood and eat other food too

good job turning it around on him kiddo
jfc Hikari what a bright sunshine child
‘that seems a bit erotic’ you are talking to a child dude
ahahaha Hikari is a lesbian
okay maybe bi
she’s so cute omg

maybe don’t
prankster kid ❤

awww Hikari notices
and she just wants to talk to a fellow demi ❤
i like this anime

Machi her name is Machi ❤
awww she’s adorable
aww the girls just wanna talk about themselves ❤

imma keep this one i think

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