The thing that bothers me about trans representation is that there are no “casual” trans people in the media. Every trans character is written into a trans story—centered on their transition, about transphobia, coming to terms with their identity and coming out, etc. And I love these stories, I do, because they show an aspect of my life that’s extremely important to me. But you never see trans characters in media that’s not about them being trans. You don’t see a casual romcom where one of the main couples is a trans couple, you don’t see a lesbian romance where one of the girls is trans, you don’t see an action adventure where the guy doing all the backflips and car chases is a trans guy. You don’t see trans actors playing characters that could be/were written cis. Cis people have all this dimension, whereas trans people are just trans. But we are so multi-faceted. We could be the superhero or the princess or the friend who always says the right things or the leader of a post-apocalyptic gang. Trans people are trans in everything we do, not just when we’re doing Trans Things™ and it’s time that we actually see that.

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