like, I realize it’s more depressing than the alternative, but we’ve really got to stop flattering ourselves with the lie that Straight people have any interest, en masse, in pretending to be LGBTQIAPN+.

All it does is give us license to take our pain out on each other, by accusing other vulnerable people of being evil Straight spies and driving them out. Which is absolutely to the benefit of actual-Straightness; the kyriarchy loves it when we beat each other down so that they don’t have to.

It’s so weird to me when some people talk like this is an actual huge problem. Because it just… Isn’t. At all.


That “cringy” overly-invested Straight ally you (general you) knew in high school will probably come out one day, though maybe not to you, since you were such an eye-rolling jerk to them.

People who are drawn to the community are drawn there for a reason, usually because they can feel the rest of society shoving them violently away, and it would behoove us to stop acting like snotty mean girls guarding the year’s hottest party.


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