listen i have no idea where this idea that harry james potter is unobservant comes from? like are we talking about the same kid who spent six years solving mysteries that had all the teachers baffled, who located 3 horcruxes with almost no clues to speak of, who was literally the only other person besides snape & dumbledore who picked up on draco being a death eater for the entirety of sixth year, who became an auror straight out of hogwarts because he was that good at solving mysteries. like harry is an incredibly observant person, he has a way of finding details & connections that other people miss, he has an intuitive understanding of ancient magic and how it works, and he’s adept at reading people & wheedling information from them (think: slughorn’s memory, the grey lady, even negotiating w/ vernon about his hogsmeade form). this boy is literally so observant and clever and cunning and it kind of amazes me how anyone can read all 7 books and think he’s just reckless and oblivious

I think a lot of people forget that Harry’s social skills were developed under constant abuse tbh, and so they group his trouble sharing emotions or reading social cues under “lol dumb boy” rather than “over a decade of trust issues.”


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