please explain how a cisgender straight ace is LGBT.

Are they a lesbian? no, because they’re straight.

Are they gay? no, because they’re straight.

Are they bisexual? no, because they’re straight.

Are they trans? no, because they’re cis. 

Therefore, they’re not LGBT. 

If you’re a cishet ace/aro you’re not LGBT and you can not reclaim slurs targeted towards LGBT people. Period. 

Kid, you’re wasting your time. At this point, even mainstream LGBTQIA+ organizations explicitly disagree with you.

Even if I were interested in beating this long-dead horse with a total stranger, your attempt to challenge me, a random person occasionally on tumblr, to a Discourse Duel would not have any kind of meaningful impact on ~whether or not ace and aro people are LGBT~.

Like, hate to break it to you, but neither of us has that kind of power.

Get a new hobby. I suggest video games.

the old “kid” as an introduction I see

Don’t cut yourself on all that edge. 

Anyway, just because a majority agrees with someone doesn’t mean they’re right. 

You’re acting like I just showed up to kick your ass out of nowhere or something. You followed me first, friend. 


oh also: a-spec means autism spectrum, not ace spectrum. will the aces ever make their own terminology instead of appropriating it from terms coined by the autism community? probably not

You absolutely did, in fact, show up out of nowhere. If you aren’t familiar with tumblr glitches, let me promise you: I didn’t actually follow you. I have no idea who you are, except that you’re 18, according to your own about, which, you know, makes you like half my age, so, “kid”, but sure, call that “edge”.

You’re also very confused! Let me try again.

1.) Major LGBTQIA+ organizations agree that ace and aro people are inherently LGBTQIA+.

2.) You challenging me to “explain” why they are won’t change that or, indeed, accomplish anything at all.

3.) Like, literally, even if you somehow “defeat” me in a “debate”, it won’t matter. It won’t make ace and aro people suddenly less LGBTQIA+. It won’t convince GLAAD they’re wrong.

It certainly won’t convince any of the rest of the world, where they use their own acronyms, and don’t particularly care who you or I think is “LGBT”.

This avenue of “attack” is a complete waste of your time, and you will get nothing out of continuing to demand I answer your petty, sad questions, except a few more seconds of attention from a stranger. (I hope that’s somehow satisfying.)

4.) So when I say “even mainstream organizations disagree with you” and “debating me won’t change that”, it’s less of me saying “the majority is always right” (tho that’s a fine straw man), and more of me saying,

“the people who invited you to think that challenging random people to Tumblr duels was a good way of getting ~the evil straight cis spies~ out of our community lied to you. You’re accomplishing absolutely nothing this way. You’re wasting your time.”

Again: dead horse. Again: find a new hobby.

OP is not ready for lateral oppression, or the fact that lots of people within the lgbt community are there with oppressors and people who have positions of privilege unavailable to them. Trans people with cis people, poc with white people, women with men, mentally ill with neurotypical.

What the people within all have in common is that we face abuse and oppression on the basis or gender or sexuality, we find and make communities within them but none of us will EVER truly be safe. No fucking way.

We also gave it from within, the umbrella of “LGBT” has never and will never be a safe space for me and for most others. We have faced abuse from people within our own so-called “community” that is just as dangerous as without, because it perpetuates the same negative stereotypes and tropes that put our lives, safety and well-being at risk.

We are not a safe community, we are a loose collective with varied political and ideological beliefs and a vague historical connection.

Yeah, OP’s full of completely wrong ideas, but I didn’t even want to be bothered, you know? If they’d actually cared, I’ve addressed this at length before, and they could’ve searched my blog instead of screen shotting my about and @‘ing me accusatorially.

They haven’t replied to this yet, though they did angrily reply to some other folks who tried to actually address what could be laughingly called their “arguments”.

Surprise surprise, OP doesn’t want answers or a conversation, OP just wants people to yell at and feel morally superior to.

I actually did care but didn’t see this in my notifications. But sure, blame a failure of this hellsite on me not responding.

I literally screenshotted your about and @’d you because you are the one that followed me. I check out my new followers’ blogs and was wondering why someone on the other side of the discourse is following me (and then you unfollowed me and plugged your ears when I said you were the one that showed up out of nowhere)

I’m pretty much constantly angry thanks to a slew of mental issues so thanks for pointing my irrelevant aggression out, btw.

To respond, now.

“OP is not ready for lateral oppression, or the fact that lots of people within the lgbt community are there with oppressors and people who have positions of privilege unavailable to them. Trans people with cis people, poc with white people, women with men, mentally ill with neurotypical.”

This is true, people in the lgbt community will be with their oppressors. But it’s a different kind of oppression. Yes, intersectionality exists, but the lgbt community is FOR LGBT PEOPLE. Whether they are white or poc, mentally ill or neurotypical, a woman or a man or an enby. You’re essentially saying “People are going to be with their oppressors anyway so why not let the cishets in!”

I don’t think you realize how ridiculous that is.

see, here’s the thing

straightness is not only lack of attraction to your own gender (which is presumed binary in this construction)

it’s also the presence of attraction to the ‘opposite’ gender

‘confirmed bachelor’ used to be euphemism for ‘gay’ because being attracted to women is just as important to the straight identity as not being attracted to men

and straight guys hating on lesbians for being sexually unavaliable to them – what makes you think it’s in any way different with asexual girls?

(I’m only covering binary gender here bc the right of nb people to the umbrella of the LGBT+ community isn’t even in question is it)

I know what straightness is but thanks for your patronizing explanation. 

I LITERALLY never said that ALL aces are straight but apparently you can’t read.

“and straight guys hating on lesbians for being sexually unavaliable to them – what makes you think it’s in any way different with asexual girls?“

That’s misogyny, not acephobia.  

I am literally nonbinary so don’t even start with “nonbinary erasure” when I, a nonbinary person, am telling you this

If you are nonbinary, you’re LGBT. The T stands for trans. nonbinary people are trans. There you go. I’m not trying to kick people out FOR BEING ace, I am literally just saying “being ace does not inherently make you LGBT, but it also doesn’t negate the fact if you ARE lgbt” but again, apparently you can’t read so I have no clue why I waste my breath.

Okay, I’m going to ignore the personal insults here because I’m naive and generous like that, and try to clarify what my point was.

Aces are part of the community that is currently called “LGBT” because they also experience oppression for not being straight.

The acronym itself is not relevant to this question, and is in fact a product of it rather than any basis for making decision. It was expanded before it was LGBT, and it has been expanded since.

(Also, sorry if I said something off about nonbinary experiences. I was trying to talk about cis aces.)


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