I left a comment on a post of @ramseyringnecks​ and she asked me to post it separately so it´s easier to spread. However I did some research yesterday and feel like adding some more information!

In Frankfurt a project was started called the “Stadtauben project”. They build “Pigeonshouses” where they offer them shelter, nests and good food. So the pigeons love to be there and nest there. Like most private owners that do not want to breed pigeons they simply replace the eggs with fake ones.
This solution goes back to the „augsburger model“  pigeon „pest control“. The main difference of various „City pigeon“ projects is that they also feed the pigeons which was originally not part of the Augsburger model but is now seen as an important part to maintain pigeon health and happynes and reduce the annoyance of the public. (pigeons no longer need to forage on the streets and poop on buildings)
According to their website the pigeons spend 80% of the time in the houses and the birth control got a success rate of 95%.

The main issue they ran into is that is hard to find places within the city for the pigeon houses. Many landlords do not want pigeons on their ground because they are afraid of the noise and pollution. However an important part for this to work is to build the houses at places where pigeons already live. To improve this situation the public needs to be educated on what pigeons are really like.

so far they have built 10 houses which is of course not a lot yet but it seems to be an great idea! If cities would invest the money they put in anti pigeons campaigns into such projects everyone would be happier.
(anti pigeon campaigns like forbidding the feeding of pigeons or killing them are VERY unsuccessful and expensive)

Pigeons are abandoned pets they deserve a better life. They deserve a home and since we can´t adopt all of them this could be the real solution for pigeons and us.

(image and information source and if you guys wonder „hey is that really reliable?“  a person wrote their master thesis in zoology and evolution about how to solve Frankfurts pigeon problem and came up with this solution . So I would say, it is, or at least far more than most others.)

I feel free to spread this and add information!


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