me: a relationship that is based on mutual love and trust and features both parties wanting to improve not just themselves but each other through their love, is good and interesting no matter if it’s a straight relationship or a relationship between two men or two women, and is infinitely more satisfying to watch develop in fiction compared to two characters who hate each other and continue to do so into their romantic relationship

The Straights™: not me 😄 I love relationships 👬👫 where both 2️⃣ parties ✌️ DESPISE 💔 EACH 👻 OTHER 😾 and cant STAND ⚡️ interacting 🙅 with one🌜another 🌛!!!! it’s even better 👌👌 when they are so toxic for each other 😷 that they hurt one another 💅










Full time work should entitle someone to enough pay for rent, food, bills, and leisure activities. Full time work for a full life wage. You put in your 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? You should be able to afford the basic shit you need in life, no matter where you work.

pisses me off that this is considered a radical statement.

I do agree with this but from economic standpoint if you are working at a job like McDonalds as someone flipping burgers and making fries you are getting paid for the amount of skill needed for the job. But if its any other job that requires you to have an actual skill that you can make a career out of then yeah you should be getting paid enough to live a standard life.

If you work FULL TIME you should be able to afford to fucking live. No, it doesn’t matter if it’s flipping burgers, these people contribute to our fucking economy and they MATTER. They should be allowed to be alive.

Jesus fucking Christ do you people hear yourselves?

@perspectivemax @mostlyjudson

Bro their urls are “fandoms and feminism” and “geek and misandry”


Ya I don’t care enough about worthless workers that think they are gonna lead some workers revolution.

Funny thing is most people in America do make enough to survive and thrive. The true (skilled) workers make more than the minimum wage, and most organizations give consistent raises.
These people have such a warped idea of how skilled workers and full time workers are actually treated, and paid.

Nothing is guaranteed, nothing is owed to you, only what you are able to negotiate and what your labor is worth.

If those workers are “worthless” then their jobs wouldn’t exist. 

If their labor required no skills and no training, those jobs wouldn’t be there.

All labor requires some level of skill and all labor is needed. Full time work is worth a living wage, and workers should not be required to negotiate for their survival. They are workers, not hostages. 

…you know, one of huge reasons it’s evident that UBI is needed is the idea of ‘creating workplaces’. The idea that A JOB has value in itself, just for keeping someone busy. Sure, there isn’t enough for everyone to do, but we’re going to try and make up bullshit jobs, or forgo more expedient automation, just so everyone can spend 40 hours a week doing something they have no personal interest in!

Imagine how much more efficient the entire world will be once ‘THIS WILL CUT DOWN JOBS’ will be an argument PRO, and not AGAINST, doing something.

The day when a job existing will, in fact, mean that it’s very much needed and valuable to society.

(Spoiler: service industries jobs would be those that survive)






The ancient treasure is immensely valuable- by the standards of 3000 years ago. Due to inflation, it is now worth £2.30

The Player Characters sell it and use the money to buy a pack of gum to split..

The PCs sell it and give the money to a homeless person

The PCs sell it and invest safely.

There are three kinds of people…

four kinds of people.
The PCs keep it as a cool knickknack and a conversational piece.

one punch man 5

Mumen Rider is class C ready to move into B? they don’t need much in way of power there do they
the classification isn’t even based so much on power at all I think?
either that or they are terrible at their jobs

and they don’t even bother to insert any tension into the simple fact that it’s not Saitama who’s a person of interest there

omg I just realized the thing with Mumen Rider
this isn’t the first time he got credited for Saitama’s accomplishments is it XD
(nor the last, I remember that much)

I love the assembly of weirdos for the exam ❤

and I love that Saitama is RIPPED

…yeah these guys aren’t really screening for superhumans here are they
just smart and strong guys and gals who will do the work

poor Saitama
Genos is way too self-assured a genius XD
ugh this stupid bit of tension is unbearable

oh Genos how naive you are

omg are the two of them literally the only successful ones jfc
yeah Saitama is totally not going to act any different than usual
teacher dude jfc youre a HAM
i approve of both of their reactions
altho Saitama’s was just bc it’s the only mode of engaging he has


lol Saitama feels like he’s in over his head just for getting a friend XD



awww Saitama doesn’t even like the corporate hero hierarchy
the poor teacher
he really brought it on himself )=

awww Genos you have no idea about Saitama’s priorities XD


Genos your biggest lost against Saitama is in reaction time I’m sorry to say that

okay he can come pretty close
this is pretty cool

Genos’s instincts of attacking whoever comes from behind are on point

but Genos seriously you got no clue what you’re askign for
Saitama doesn’t want to actually blow you up with a normal punch is all
awww he came close enough to give Genos some insight after all tho

man Saitama’s emotions seem to be very sturdily locked on the last few things he can still care about
mundane inconveniences like mosquitoes
and that’s about it

lol don’t get in an eating contest with a cyborg

so is this the due who ~approved~ of Genos being class S? and he’s class A himself?

poor Saitama
nobody wants to welcome him )=
even though he, you know… deserves it a lot

gambarou ❤

aw Genos you dont know the rules to this game at all ❤

man Saitama is always so mild-mannered, so low key about everything, it’s so adorable ;u;

boi this guy is sure gay isn’t he

So you actually want Peri to get her limb enhancers back? I always felt that she was able to reach her full potential without them, and that she learned she didn’t need them to be useful. Heck, if she still had her limb enhancers, she would never have learned that she could control metal!


there’s plenty of reasons peridot had to lose her enhancers – it conveys information about her body to the audience, ties into the resource crisis on homeworld, gave her a way to discover new powers, and was instrumental in her reform arc. jasper even had some decent commentary about how the crystal gems help other gems only after they’re useless, which is true in the sense that the gems only decided peridot was “harmless” when she lost her technology, and steven only got curious when peridot seemed to need help.

but. peridot’s had her arc now, and the crystal gems trust her. there’s no need to keep her “harmless”. she clearly felt more powerful and in control with her enhancers than without them. if they’d kept them after poofing her, this would be the part where they give them back, and give peridot the choice of whether or not she wants to use them. 

sadly, that’s not an option, due to the whole “dropped in the ocean” thing… but after that, peridot has been pretty open about the enhancers being:

A.) at least an important comfort object to her

B.) probably something that helps her with her disability

we’ve only gotten subtle hints that peridot’s physical form is a bit of a struggle for her – using all fours when she runs, being too weak to rip off a panel. they’re not ‘obvious’ disability things, but they’re indicators of the larger issue (being ‘defective’ due to the resource crisis) all the same. the tech helps, and i feel peridot should be given the option. they’re not harmful to her, so why not construct new ones, or at least try to look for them? we’ve already established that steven wants her to feel comfortable: giving her paintcans to be taller, and then the ipad touchscreen.

sure, she doesn’t have a job anymore. she’s found metal power to help her feel strong, but… does that mean she should never be given the choice of enhancers ever again, and be forced to live without them? even if it makes her feel stronger, helps her defend herself in a fight, and she was SO excited to have tech again in “too short to ride”? even if they’re one of the coolest designs in the entire show? 

i don’t think the previous interesting developments we saw due to their disappearance will be neglected by bringing them back. she’ll still have metal powers and be a crystal gem. i think peridot should be allowed to choose for herself, at some point, instead of having the show say that sorry, no enhancers for you, you’ll just have to live with it, regardless of the agency and comfort they provide. 

if you want more thoughts on this subject, i also recommend @radioactivesupersonic, who is president and co-founder of the “bring back the limb enhancers” club. 

tragic backstory incident: let’s not

Okay this was prompted by jet’s liveblog of sm manga and angry flareup at the rei backstory fuckup

aside from all the ‘unnecessary romantic angle’ points, this is one example of a thing I hate about ~tragic backstories~, particularly their subtype ~tragic backstory incident~

when all the issues a character has with a particular topic are related to THAT ONE MOMENT in their life
like… no. that’s not how it works. maybe very rarely but even then? people recover really well from traumatic situations with love and support and if there wasnt love and support to help them get over this particular thing THEN THIS LACK IS PART OF THE PROBLEM AND SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE FLASHBACK EXPLANATION

if something is a permanent feature of the personality carved into the very texture of their being, then it was damn well carved into the very texture of their LIFE too

don’t show me Rei and That One Thing That Made Her Hate Men
show me Rei interpreting the world through this lens every day and her confirmation bias making this opinion shine brighter and brighter
show me Rei looking at a man passing by, thinking ‘he’s probably a fucker’ then hearing him yell at someone and thinking ‘yep i know men very well’ because that has a hand in the resulting personality trait just as much as the original trigger that made her think that
if Rei just felt betrayed by her father (or her lover or whatever) yesterday for the first time, she would not immediately get a character trait of hating men! it’s a long time thing
show me Rei hearing her friends commiserate about their terrible boyfriends, show me Rei hearing sob stories about abusive husbands at the shrine, show me Rei noticing every single thing any man ever did wrong and attributing it to the whole of the male gender because Of Course He Would

if you try to explain a huge character trait, you NEED to make it a montage. you NEED to show how it developed and shaped OVER TIME

if you want to show how a character developed trust issues, don’t show THAT ONE TIME WHEN THEY WERE SIX YEARS OLD THAT THEY WERE BETRAYED FOR THE FIRST TIME, show a montage of all times they were betrayed over time, with them growing increasingly bitter and unwilling to trust
(preferably with shots of unsupportive reactions from who they tried to confide in, cementing the betrayal EVERY SINGLE TIME)

just… augh. this is why i hate stories that try to be ~very deep~ on cheap budget. just don’t go there if you can’t do it well. just let characters be we can infer the reasons they are like this i promise