Catherine, if I may?”

“Try not to make a mess,” I sighed.

I am perfectly okay with things that are happening currently!

what i did not expect
– Akua addressing Catherine by her first name
– Catherine trusting her to rifle around her fucking head


on an unrelated-to-the-latest-chapter note, the section of the PGTE fanbase that thinks Black practices what he preaches and is not the most colossal dumbass in the history of dumbasses is


what I also and especially like is that Akua’s help MATTERED

it MATTERS that Akua could win, that Akua WAS winning. That Catherine chose to fold in a winning game, not a losing one. That this was not a gesture of desperation.

Akua gave Catherine grounds to stand on and weight to her sacrifice, and this MATTERS

she really did help

what really kills me is how Catherine’s interpretation of “I need to outmaneuver all three of them” is to just interrupt the conversation, go for broke, and wordlessly ask for Akua’s trust

fuck, at this point Catherine /asks/ for /Akua’s trust/

becuase Akua is on her side, it’s finally been established fully and completely and obviously

and when Akua’s idea of what their objective is runs contrary to Catherine’s, Catherine doesn’t even need to explain to just rely on Akua to put faith in her way of doing things instead


I wonder what Vivi’s going to think about this. Because I don’t think it’s going to be all the same things as before, not after Hakram’s stunt.

okay Catherine I’ll trust anyone you tell me to trust as long as nobody’s hand is getting cut off this time







Robes are stupid. My sorcerer dresses like Petyr Baelish.

To expand: if you are a mage, dress like a noble. Do not dress like a wizard. Pointy conical hat and sky-blue robes is medieval semaphore for “kill first and with extreme prejudice.” Tailored black silk over cloth-of-gold and studded with rubies says “Harmless, but valuable; ransom if possible or kill last.” 

If you dress like a noble, they’re not going to pay attention as you take a turn or two to back away from the melee and prepare yourself. The ruse is only broken when you reveal yourself, at which point 8d6 fire damage is screaming toward them at Mach Fuck anyway, so no big.

counterpoint: if you don’t get to dress like someone ran a magical thrift shop through a rototiller and frankensteined the pieces back together what’s the god-damned point of being a wizard

The sartorial differences between wizards and sorcerers are on display, I think.

That makes perfect sense, really, since sorcerers don’t generally get a choice about gaining spellcasting abilities and might not want to advertise them 24/7 whereas wizards put a lot of effort into becoming wizards and didn’t spend years in Wizard Grad School just to be low-key about it.