Cat and Akua have this whole big hero/villain nemesis dichotomy going on, but the truth is, they’re both dumbasses and fuck it they’re in this together

I have never seen a better enemies to friends narrative arc ;u;

Akua: Catherine this is the third time I’m saving your life tonight and I know you made a point out of how it was not by making good decisions that I made it into a cloak accessory but right now I think in sheer stupidity your attempts at heroism-
Catherine: You’re not wrong. Consider, however: what if I did ANOTHER stupid heroic thing, most definitely dooming us both to die slowly and painfully, and you let me
Akua: …
Akua: Okay.

And so finally I knew what everyone was after: Akua wanted to trick the sisters to their death, Komena wanted heads for her spikes and Andronike wanted me to walk to the altar willingly.

And I needed to outmanoeuver the three of them simultaneously, while prone and having my mind ransacked.



And that meant, unfortunately, that putting all my coin on the madwoman trying to fool living gods wasn’t an option.

if Akua wasn’t just so prone to this one specific fallacy in thinking Catherine would have been perfectly comfortable just relying on her, and considers it unfortunate that it just wouldn’t work

what I also and especially like is that Akua’s help MATTERED

it MATTERS that Akua could win, that Akua WAS winning. That Catherine chose to fold in a winning game, not a losing one. That this was not a gesture of desperation.

Akua gave Catherine grounds to stand on and weight to her sacrifice, and this MATTERS

she really did help

what really kills me is how Catherine’s interpretation of “I need to outmaneuver all three of them” is to just interrupt the conversation, go for broke, and wordlessly ask for Akua’s trust

fuck, at this point Catherine /asks/ for /Akua’s trust/

becuase Akua is on her side, it’s finally been established fully and completely and obviously

and when Akua’s idea of what their objective is runs contrary to Catherine’s, Catherine doesn’t even need to explain to just rely on Akua to put faith in her way of doing things instead


I wonder what Vivi’s going to think about this. Because I don’t think it’s going to be all the same things as before, not after Hakram’s stunt.

okay Catherine I’ll trust anyone you tell me to trust as long as nobody’s hand is getting cut off this time