The goatee is the only thing preventing Lysander from banging the devil

Our Warlock, ooc after we accidentally summoned a devil by killing demons (via yourplayersaidwhat)


anyway that scene pre-Second Liesse where Amadeus is like ‘anyway I’m going to die’ and Catherine is like ‘what the fuck don’t you dare’ and Amadeus is like ‘yeah don’t be like me’ and Catherine is like ‘don’t you FUCKING dare’ and Amadeus is like ‘no seriously it’s okay don’t grieve for me~’ and Catherine is like ‘just you fucking try me’

that sure is an okay thing for erratic to have written huh


the worst most best parts of that scene

– they don’t hug this time but they keep touching and holding and squeezing each other’s hands and Catherine keeps trying to convince herself there’s distance they’re both keeping but that ship’s long sailed tbh

– Catherine keeps trying to make it about pragmatism and how he still has not exhausted his usefullness to her (that’s a near literal quote) but he just fucking cuts past all the bullshit because her bullshit is exactly identical to his bullshit so he knows and just goes straight for affection and that is completely okay (no it’s not)


you are very well spoken! there was no miscommunication; i figured it was something like that. you are absolutely correct – i used to watch sailor moon a whole lot and have had a lot of dreams about sailor moon. off the top of my head, the one i remember was where i was really, really uncomfortable in the skirt, and beat people up in a parking garage. the sailor scout designs all look really, really the same to me, so i have no idea how to go about designing one in the first place. “this one has a frilly ribbon”…sailor scouts is the same 

i do not recall at all the later series, honestly. i was looking through the wiki and the quote was that only girls can be sailor scouts, and her anger stemmed from the trans part. sailor moon is also well-known for having girl-only events. 

nothing you said upset me – i have had a very rough couple of days and am reflexively uncomfortable right now both with the idea of a sailor outfit on me and with designing one. they are definitely iconic, but most of them are pretty boring and bland. also the skirts are obnoxiously short and leotards are weird 

you might or might not want to look here

obnoxiously total lack of effort under the cut

If you liked “Long Live The Queen”, try out the last game from same developer, “Black Closet”, there is a demo on their site. It plays a bit different – team of characters, fully procedurally generated mysteries to solve and a but of twists and relationships on top.



My favorite part about Long Live The Queen was not gameplay (fuck that part tbh), it was the theme/plot of political fantasy. You decide the fate of the kingdom, actually, like you can invest in hospitals and printing press, and you can be a mega general or a spymaster HOW COOL IS THAT

what is it about?

Yeah, the theme and stakes of the LLTQ is pretty cool, I agree =)

As for BC, imagine – you are a newly elected President of Student Council in prestigious closed all-girl school. Under threat of expulsion if you fail, but with the help of small team of loyal classmates, you charged with responsibility to maintain order and school status-quo and means to investigate and resolve any cases of disturbance on campus. Competition would like you to fail and one of your minions is a traitor.

I was intrigued by such premise =)

Theme of intrigue and politics is similar, but setting and stakes are more personal here, with emphasis on mystery, procedural detective work and relationships instead of grand scale, building personal skills and fate of the kingdom.

Really enjoyed the demo, but must say, didn’t had time to play the full game yet.

ooooo this sounds pretty great too

…I might have a weakness for producural detective work 😀