Robes are stupid. My sorcerer dresses like Petyr Baelish.

To expand: if you are a mage, dress like a noble. Do not dress like a wizard. Pointy conical hat and sky-blue robes is medieval semaphore for “kill first and with extreme prejudice.” Tailored black silk over cloth-of-gold and studded with rubies says “Harmless, but valuable; ransom if possible or kill last.” 

If you dress like a noble, they’re not going to pay attention as you take a turn or two to back away from the melee and prepare yourself. The ruse is only broken when you reveal yourself, at which point 8d6 fire damage is screaming toward them at Mach Fuck anyway, so no big.

counterpoint: if you don’t get to dress like someone ran a magical thrift shop through a rototiller and frankensteined the pieces back together what’s the god-damned point of being a wizard

The sartorial differences between wizards and sorcerers are on display, I think.

That makes perfect sense, really, since sorcerers don’t generally get a choice about gaining spellcasting abilities and might not want to advertise them 24/7 whereas wizards put a lot of effort into becoming wizards and didn’t spend years in Wizard Grad School just to be low-key about it.


and then there’s Masego’s relationship with asexuality, which is also absolutely fucking brilliant if you ask me. In no way is it linked by anyone to his autistic traits; the contexts in which it comes up are

– “ugh my agents can’t seduce him he just doesn’t seem interested in anyone why is infiltration so difficult” (not an accurate quote)

– ”undressing in front of Masego was like baring my ass to a potted plant: there was no real interest on either side” (a very accurate quote)

– “Catherine. Is this a sex thing I don’t know about. Explain to me if this is a sex thing I don’t know about so that I will know if you are making fun of me right now” (she was, in fact, making fun of him)

– the very awkward and incredibly sweet discussion of Indrani’s crush on him and what can or can not come out of it :3

(in his POV segments it does not come up in any way at all, which I find deeply relatable and true to life, but he does miss Indrani when she’s not there :3 )

man, I think Guide is the only story I know where the allistic protagonist /easily reads/ their autistic friend, can predict their reactions most of the time, and tailors their own communication style to theirs. There is no ‘oh man this person is weird’, instead it’s just ‘oh my god why do ALL of my friends love to make fun of me so much’ and ‘Masego when someone is blatantly lying in front of you sometimes you should not call out this lie  p l e a s e  f o r  m e’

the part that seriously got me was when Catherine got interrupted from an argument with Masego to argue with another two people instead, reached a conclusion to that argument, then turned back to Masego who’d been standing there and waiting and went ‘anyway, back to this, he probably didn’t listen to anything we said and was just mustering his own arguments this whole time. Well, let’s hear it’

It’s just… the way things are, the way that Masego thinks, and it’s recognized and not even accepted – it’s not seen as something to accept or reject, just something to know about him. Catherine gets distracted in the middle of the argument to try to explain to him that saying out loud “I will not budge from this position but I will indulge you with the pretense of hearing out your arguments to make you feel better” doesn’t actually make people feel better, then goes ‘you know what another time’ and goes back to the argument itself.

(He wins the argument, because sometimes “no matter what you say I will not reconsider” is a legitimate position to take)

Masego is lovely and adorable and a sweetheart, and he’s not so much accomodated as just… made space for at the campfire. He’s as important to the group dynamic as others are, and he is sharply missed when absent. And Catherine /really/ doesn’t want to ruin his thing with Indrani, however confusing a non-sexual non-romantic but nonetheless clearly THINGY thing is to her. (No, Cat, it’s okay, sleeping with Indrani in his absence won’t do anything to that) (m y s h i p s a r e c a n o n)

Just… blaaah. Masego.




An autistic friend of mine just said this to me “The harder I work at communication the more people expect from me and the less they are willing to compromise.” and it is the most fucking heartbreaking thing I’ve heard.

I have yet to meet a single autistic who does not feel this way.